• Soyanggang Virgin Statue

    The Soyanggang Virgin Statue is the work of sculptor Nam Sang-hyeon
    who expressed the innocence and bittersweet wait of an 18 year old girl with a modern touch.
    The statue stands 7m tall and weighs 14 tons. It is made of bronze and was built in November, 2005.

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  • Soyangho

    This is East Asia’s largest rock-fill dam (sand, soil, rock)
    and Soyangho (Lake) was made through the construction of the Soyang Dam.
    Its massive size gave Soyangho the nickname, the continental ocean.

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  • Kim Yu-jeong Literature Village

    There is the home, barn, treadmill, rest area, and exhibit hall,
    and various programs that recreate the works inside of Kim Yu-jeong’s books are held all year round.
    There is also a literature path where visits can go on a pilgrimage of the actual places in his stories.

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  • Gongjicheon

    Gongjicheon Lake has boat facilities for men and women of all ages to enjoy.
    Excluding the winter time, you can enjoy the water
    while taking in the beautiful scenes of Jungdo and Uiam lakeside.

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  • Cheongpyeongsa

    The Cheongpyeongsa tourist area is located 19km away from downtown and you will arrive
    at the Cheongpyeongsa tourist area in about 10 minutes by taking a boat from the Soyangho (Lake) Pier.
    It has a beautiful valley and is thus visited by many people here.

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  • Rail Bike

    The Gangchon Rail Park was opened in August 2012 and is being operated
    into three sections such as Kimyujeong Stations, Gangchon Station and Gyeonggang Station.
    The total round trip distance  is approximately 8km and for Ganggyeong Station, it is 6km.

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  • Nami Island

    Nami Island possesses beautiful nature and scenery all year round.
    It is a place of romance for youths, memories for lovers,
    and a place of rest to share love and care among families and colleagues.

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  • Gubongsan

    From here you can get a bird’s eye view of Chuncheon, the City of Lakes.
    It is popular to take a look at the nightscape of Chuncheon.
    There are many cafes in the area and recently, many people have been coming here to enjoy paragliding.

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  • Soyang Bridge 2

    Bridge length 510m, width 35m, height 12m. It was completed in 1997
    and there is a walking trail nearby with the Soyanggang Virgin Statue,
    Song Monument, and Soyanggang Mandarin Fish Statue.

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  • Soyanggang Skywalk

    The largest 156m transparent glass viewing facility in Korea
    An exhilarating experience of walking on the water

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tourist information

Chuncheon City-hall

  • 3, Sakju-ro, Chuncheon-si
  • +82-33-250-3089

Gangwon-do Provin

  • 19, Chuncheon-ro, Chuncheon-si
  • +82-33-244-0088

Namchuncheon Station

  • 2260, Yeongseo-ro, Chuncheon-si

Chucheon Station

  • 1, Pyeonghwa-ro, Chuncheon-si
  • +82-33-250-4312

A romantic Nuri (Gimyujeong station)

  • 1430-14, Gimyujeong-ro, Chuncheon-si
  • +82-33-250-4300

Nami Island

  • 1024, Bukhangangbyeon-ro, Chuncheon-si
  • +82-31-580-8151