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Feel Motel

A tidy motel where is 10 minutes from Namchuncheon Station

  • ClassificationTourist Attraction/Flower Garden
  • CharacteristicFinancially self-sufficient arboretum
Chuncheon Motel Chuncheon Accommodations Motel closed by Namchuncheon Station
  • Address / Phone30-1, Namchun-ro, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do / 033-263-7096
  • Charges40,000~100,000 won
  • ParkingParking available
  • Nearby AttractionsSoyang Dam, Animation Museum, Jade Garden
Tourist Guide
Tourist attractions around the Feel Motel include Sculpture Park, fountain, boat yard, outdoor stage, War Memorial Hall, Children’s Hall, Gongjicheon Recreation Area where Monument for Ethiopian Korea War Veterans is located at, Jade Garden where visitors can be find peace of mind looking at a beautiful garden, a realization of representative European style gardens, with their family, friends and loved ones, and where they visitors meet a variety of natural plants reaching approximately 3,900 kinds of plants, and Soyang Dam where visitors can get on a cruise to enjoy the beautiful Soyangho Lake, a famous artificial lake of Chuncheon and Cheongpyeongsa Temple, a temple from the Goryeo Period.