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Hayan Byeol Motel

A motel surrounded by nature, located in Samcheon-dong, Chuncheon-si.

  • ClassificationTourist Attraction/Flower Garden
  • CharacteristicFinancially self-sufficient arboretum
Chuncheon Motel Chuncheon Accommodations Samcheon-dong Motel
  • Address / Phone301-27, Samcheon-dong, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do / 033-252-5789
  • Charges50,000~150,000 won
  • ParkingParking available
  • Nearby AttractionsWaterside park, Soyangho Lake, Chuncheon Dam
Tourist Guide
Hayan Byeol Motel is located within 3 minutes walking distance to Jungdo Recreation Area in Uiamho Lake, towards Bears Town. The hotel is surrounded by nature; it has the view of the mountain and Uiamho Lake. Also, it includes neat fixtures which can accommodate any group of families, lovers, and friends.