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Geumbyeongsan Mountain

A mountain located 8km in the south of Chuncheon-si

  • ClassificationTourist Attraction/Flower Garden
  • CharacteristicFinancially self-sufficient arboretum
Chuncheonsan Mountain Kim Yu-jeong Station Sille-gil
  • Address / PhoneSan 121-2 Jeongjok-ri Sindong-myeon Chuncheon-si Gangwon-do / 033-250-4312
  • ChargesFree
  • ParkingParking Allowed
  • Nearby AttractionsKim Yu-jeong Literature Village, Gangchon Recreation Area, Gangchon Rail Bike
Tourist Guide
Geumbyeongsan Mountain is 8km away from the south of Chuncheon-si. It is 652.2m high. Out of four seasons, winter is said to be the best for climbing here. In autumn, fallen leaves are piled up in this woody mountain. If tourists go hiking for one hour along a northeastern ridge way, they can see a five-way intersection pass, and finally go into a main ridge way. While passing by the ridge way after the square, tourists can find it difficult to go ahead due to the densely populated silver grass. There comes the second square at the end of the grassland, from which they can turn left to reach the top of the mountain. After reaching the northern ridge way, they can turn left from a forked road and climb down to Angol Village, where there is a deer farm.