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A symbol of City

  • City Tree

    Gingko Tree

    Symbolizes the acceptance of nature Gingko trees are upright and live long that can adapt to any climate or soil, while having an elegant form and having strong resistance to diseases.

  • City Flower


    This symbolizes the image of people who are innocent and honest. This is in the Forysthia Koreana family and originates in Gangwon-do. It has strong life and spreads well to symbolize the fighting spirit, unity and progressive attitude of the people of Chuncheon. Yellow symbolizes peace and it shows the innocent and peace-loving mentality of the people.

  • City Bird

    Wild Magpie

    The wild magpie gives a fresh impression to the people and is said to be a good omen. Therefore, it symbolizes the ideal person who lives simple and beautiful lives through a beauty and fresh look.

  • City Animal


    It shows the strong and progressive will of the people.

City Flag and Character


Description of the Character and Logo

This character was created based on the motive of Soyanggang River Girl. Colored with natural colors of low chroma, the character expresses the long history and beautiful grace of Chuncheon, the riverside city, and represents the abundant and representative beauty and romance of its river with the solid texture. The slogan, "Romantic Chuncheon", was selected through recognizing the excellence of the common sentiment that the Korean people have towards Chuncheon, in the context of urban marketing. The slogan was handwritten, in order to express its romantic image.