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Ancient History


Chronicles Chuncheon, the ancient capital of Maek realm

It had its own prince and was called Usuju hamlet at 27th Queen Seondeok of Silla, one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea. Usuju was changed into Suyakju hamlet (also called as Okeunae or Suchayak) at the thirteenth year of the reign of King Munmu(A.C. 673), changed into Sakju hamlet at the 16th year of the reign of King Kyungdeok (A.C. 757), and changed again into Gwanghaeju hamlet.

Three Kingdoms and Unified Shilla

  • 637

    (Queen Seondeok, 6th year) A prince ruled, and the title of the area was Usuju

  • 673

    (King Munmu, 13th year) Usuju was retitled as Suyakju, also called Okeunae or Suchayak

  • 757

    (King Kyungdeok, 16th year) Suyakju was retitled as Sakju and again Gwanghaeju in the same year.

Goryeo Dynasty

  • 640

    (Taejo, 23rd year) The town was reorganized as Chunju hamlet

  • 995

    (Seongjong, 14th year) Central government appointed a mayor and incorporate Chunju into Anbyeon-dohobu administrative district.

  • 1203

    (Seonjong 6th year) The status of the Chunju area was raised to Anyang- dohobu administrative district. after being separated from Anbyeon-dohobu administrative district, but was degraded to Jichunjuja county before long.

Joseon Dynasty

  • 1403

    (Taejong, 3rd year) The title of the area was reorganized to Chuncheon(current title)

  • 1413

    (Taejong, 13th year) The title of the area was changed into current name of Chuncheon-gun township.

  • 1415

    (Taejong, 15th year) Chuncheon-gun was raised to Chuncheon-dohobu administrative district.

  • 1627

    (Injo, 5th year) Dohobu administrative district was eliminated and Bangeosa and Potosa who were high rank military officers dispatched to main military bases were dispatched.

  • 1747

    (Yeongjo 23rd year) As Bangeosa moved to Cheolwon, north of Chuncheon, a head of dohobu administrative district was dispatched and a military camp was established.

  • 1755

    (Yeongjo 31st year) Chuncheon was degraded to hyun, relevant to village.

  • 1764

    (Yeongjo 40th year) Chuncheon was raised again to dohobu administrative district.

  • 1888

    (Gojong 25th year) Chuncheon was raised to Yusubu hamlet from dohobu administrative district. while simultaneously being incorporated into Gyeonggi-do province, surrounding seoul. Then the head of Chuncheon Yusubu hamlet, Duho Min constructed a secondary palace at the site of current Gangwondo provincial office upon the order of the king to use it as an emergency shelter for royal families.

  • 1895

    (Gojong, 32nd year) The Joseon dynasty scrapped existing 8-do system and reorganized Gangwon-do having Chuncheon-bu hamlet with 13 guns or township and Gangneung-bu hamlet with 9 guns. Wonju hamlet office was eliminated and the mayor was moved to Chuncheon which was later changed into a home of provincial office. In this year, the whole nation was divided into 23 bus or counties and the title of Chuncheon was renamed as Chuncheon-bu county and a mayor stayed there. Under the royal order no.98, dohobu system was scrapped and 23-bu system was launched to make Chuncheon-bu.

  • 1896

    (Gojong, 33rd year) The royal order no. 36 changed 23-bu-system to 13-do-system, and a county office was reorganized to a provincial office. Chuncheon-bu became Chuncheon-gun governing 108 ris, 10 myeons and 1 eup


Korean Empire

  • 1913

    Chuncheon-gun was raised to Chuncheon-gun Bunae-myeon.

  • 1917

    Bunae-myeon was retitled as Chuncheon-myeon.

  • 1920

    The departmental order no. 13, administrative district reorganization to Chuncheon-myeon is designated as a myeon.

  • 1931

    The departmental order no. 103 changed the local government system, Chuncheon-myeon was raised to Chuncheon-eup.

  • 1939

    The departmental order no. 169 to incorporate Uodo, Sanong, Hupyeong-ri of Sinbuk-myeon, Seoksa, Toigye, Oneui-ri of Sindong-myeon into Chunchoen-eup.


Republic of Korea

  • 1946

    Military government legislation 84 to promote Chuncheon-eub to Chuncheon-bu

  • 1949

    Legislation 32 Provincial Self-governing Act reorganized Chuncheon-bu to Chuncheon-si

  • 1970

    Ordinance 365 to separate Hyoja 1-dong and make new Hyoja 3-dong

  • 1973

    Presidential Ordinance 6542 administrative district reorganization to include Samcheon-ri and Chiljeon-ri of Shindong-myeon, Geumsan (Jungdo) and part of Hyeonam-ri in Seo-myeon, and Shindong-ri of Shinbuk-myeon of Chunseong-gun in Chuncheon City for three new dong in the city. The northern part of Dongsan-myeon and Pungcheon-ri were incorporated into Hongcheon-gun, while Susan-ri of Buksa-myeon were incorporated into Inje-gun

  • 1986

    City Ordinance 1337 to separate Hupyeong-dong into Hupyeong 1, 2 dong

  • 1989

    Gun Ordinance 1200 to promote Shinchon-ri branch of Shindong-myeon to Dongnae-myeon. Gun Ordinance 1202 to promote Balsan branch of Nam-myeon to Nam-myeon, while reorganizing existing Nam-myeon to Namsan-myeon

  • 1990

    Eub/myeon/dong border adjustment resulting in part of Hyoja-dong of Chuncheon to be incorporated into Hupyeong-dong

  • 1992

    Chuncheon City Ordinance 1772 to incorporate part of Seoksa-dong into Hyoja-dong

  • 1993

    Chuncheon City Legislation 1791 to incorporate part of Hyoja-dong and Oni-dong into Geunghwa-dong. Chucheon City Ordinance 1810 to incorporate parts of Toegye-dong into Oni-dong and parts of Oni-dong into Toegye-dong

  • 1994

    City Ordinance 1861 to separate Hupyeong 2-dong into Hupyeong 2-dong and Hupyeong 3-dong. Ordinance 1865 to incorporate part of Seoksa-dong into Hupyeong-dong

  • 1995

    Legislation 44774 on the Urban/Farming Combined Type City Installation to combine Chuncheon City and Chuncheon-gun for an urban/farming type Chuncheon City. Chuncheon City Ordinance 158 to promote Shinbuk-myeon into Shinbuk-eub

  • 1997

    Chuncheon City Ordinance 267 to close down the Yongsan Branch of Seo-myeon

  • 1998

    Chuncheon City Ordinance 295 to close down Sanggeol Branch of Dong-myeong. Chuncheon City Ordinance 310 to close down Deokduwon Branch of Seo-myeon, Yongsan Branch of Sabuk-myeon, and Jogyo Branch of Buksan-myeon. Chuncheon City Ordinance 314 to combine Jungang-dong, Sonak-dong and Soyang-dong into Soyang-dong, Geunhwa-dong and Hoban-dong into Geunhwa-dong, Yaksa-dong and Juknim-dong to Yaksamyeong-dong, Oni-dong, Samcheon-dong and Chilsong-dong into Gangnam-dong, and Sau-dong, Udu-dong, Sanong-dong and Shin-dong into Shinsau-dong

  • 1999

    Chuncheon City Ordinance 338 to incorporate part of Jeongjok-ri and Oni-dong of Shindong-myeon into Chiljeon-dong